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Whether an organization is a small family unit or a large corporation, there is always the chance that sooner or later the organization is going to have its struggles. Those struggles may be related to interpersonal communications issues between just a few individuals or they may involve differences between large groups of people who divide into factions representing opposing sides. Regardless, the key to overcoming such difficulties can often be found in conflict resolution.

Conflict resolution can be handled by trained mediators such as Tamara or by personnel within your organization who have been trained to negotiate positive outcomes using mediation techniques. Tamara offers that training through Innovative Training Solutions.

Tamara personalizes her interactive training curriculum and role plays to meet the specific needs of your organization, be it a family or a large corporation. Training concepts are based on the results of primary research Tamara has conducted while studying conflict style and communication patterns.

Innovative Training Solutions offers a fast-paced, professional presentation by trainers who can and will answer all your questions. All of our role plays are based on actual cases with real solutions. The identities of the actual players are protected.

How do I become a mediator?
In order to serve as a court rostered mediator in the State of Utah, you must first complete a court-approved 40-hour basic training course. Once that is finished, you must observe for at least 10 hours while a court rostered mediator mediates an actual case. Next, you will co-mediate for a minimum of 10 hours during actual mediation sessions. And when that is finished you will submit your application and take an ethics exam.

To become a Domestic Mediator you must first complete the 40-hour basic training course and follow that up with a 32-hour course in domestic mediation. That is followed by participation in a domestic mentorship, which includes two observations of domestic mediation, two co-mediations and two solo mediations.

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Training Products
  • Corporate Training in Effective Work Place Techniques and Strategic Partnering
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    • Full-service training in communication, negotiation, mediation, work place strategies and strategic planning
    • Tamara has devised several testing components, which allow participants to ascertain communication and conflict styles. Education on these styles and adaptation when needed has been a key to resolving on-going organizational conflict.
    • Tamara has performed trainings for Law Firms, Library Services, Testing Centers, Universites, Large and Small Corporations, Government Entities, and Non-Profits Organizations
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    • Tamara has devised several tests, which can be used by mediators or trainers. With the permission of participants and clients, mediators may view and compare the conflict or communication styles.
    Speaking Engagements
    Tamara is also a popular motivational speaker and focuses on dispute resolution, communication, negotiation, work place strategic partnering, law, family life, or varying topics with youth, mothers, or couples. Tamara has had extensive experience including the following:
    • BYU Education Week 2016
    • Single Adult Conference 2004
    • Utah County Chapter of the UCCR 2004
    • UVSC Pre Law Society Presentation 2005
    • Conflict Resolution Seminar for Youth Inmates Slate Canyon 2004-2006
    • ADR Society Presentation 2005
    • Radio Guest for the Doug Wright Show 2005
    • Provo School District Advocate Training 2005 - 2007
    • Mothering Conference 2006 & 2007
    • Women in Leadership Conference 2006
    • Radio Guest for the Healthy Wealthy Wow 2006
    • San Francisco California Singles Adult Retreat Key Note Speaker 2006
    • Student Leadership Conference 2007
    • Conflict Resolution Seminar 2007
    • Marriage Seminar Sponsored by Women Services 2007
    • Utah Valley State College 4- Day Seminar Presentation 2007
    • National Conference Keynote for University Testing Centers 2007
    • Pre Law Advisement Presentation 2007
    • Radio Guest for Persogenics for Couples 2007
    • Strengthening Families Monthly Speaking Engagement 2007
    • Library Services 2007
    • Marriage Seminar, Malibu, California 2007
    • Utah Valley University Staff and Faculty Student Services Keynote Speaker 2008
    • Life Change Seminar Speaker on Communication 2008
    • Communication Detective- 14 Communication Indicators to Decipher and Tools to Crack the Communication Barriers, ACR National Conference July 2008
    • Ten Secrets to an Amazing Marriage, Provo, Utah 2008
    • Making a Good Marriage Amazing, Provo Utah Stake 2008
    • Six Love Languages: How to Improve Your Marriage through Simple Acts, Provo, Utah 2008
    • Money Talks: How to Stop Your Money from Only Saying Goodbye, Clearfield, Utah September 2008
    • Smart Marriage Conference Orlando, Florida Co-Presented with Bill Doherty and Alan Hawkins on Reconciliation for People at the Crossroads of Divorce, Orlando, Florida 2009.
    • AMCAP Presentation to therapists 2010, Crossroads of Divorce.
    • Salt Lake County Work Place Training Effective Communication in the Work Place 2009, 2010.
    • Boy Scouts of America Pow Wow Family Life Instructor 2010.
    • Multiple other speaking engagements