Meet Tamara Fackrell Experienced, efficient and effective. Thatís what Tamara A Fackrell believes an attorney should be when serving their client. And she knows this all begins with listening when you come to her for counsel because each situation comes with its own unique set of circumstances. Tamara understands that she can accomplish more on your behalf by spending less time talking and more time doing.

With more than a decade of experience, not only is Tamara an accomplished attorney but also a Master Mediator and a trainer in Utah County for Basic Mediation and Domestic Mediation for the Administrative Offices of the Court. But while she sees representation of clients as an opportunity to negotiate, focus on the needs of children, come to settlement and avoid costly court encounters, Tamara is a determined advocate who is willing to battle in the courtroom arena on your behalf.

Areas of expertise:
  • Collaborative Lawyering
  • Divorce and Family Law
  • Juvenile Criminal Law
  • Business Law
  • Estate Planning
As a collaborative lawyer, a litigator, a mediator and a mediation trainer, Tamaraís list of clients includes corporation, couples and families, children, attorneys, police officers, therapists and juvenile inmates among others. She also has been called on by large corporations to intervene in work place conflicts and facilitate large group disputes, and has worked with government agencies and non-profit entities as well.

If you need a strong advocate who will listen and put your needs first, or are interested in mediation or mediation training services, please contact the law office of Tamara A. Fackrell.

Office: (801) 456-4199
Address: 68 South Main Street, Seventh Floor, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101